SharePoint multiple values field in Pivot

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How to deal with SharePoint (or MS Access) choice column, multi-value field (lookup field, person field) in Pivot or even PowerPivot?
How to split, expand, explode multi-value fields and use them in Excel reports?
Analyze SharePoint multiple values field in an Excel pivot table.

The solution must be automated, not manual execution of a script or macro.


The solution described in this post is meant to help users in a Personal BI, Self-Service BI environment.
In such environment they don’t have access to advanced tools like SQL server nor its components like SSIS or SSAS.


Multi-value field, Choice field, Person field with multi values, lookup field with multi-values once exposed in Excel, PowerPivot or any text editor look like this:


or even worst if it’s a lookup:

Person 1 ;#125;#Person 3;#68;#Person 4;#122

Unfortunately this kind of value can not be filtered, grouped and of course not used in Pivots. Read the rest of this entry »

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QR Code

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Wikipedia has a nice description:
A QR code is a specific matrix bar code (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR bar code readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.


On TV, on paper even on radio you always have references to web sites.
Currently only the main page of the web site is shown everywhere it makes sense.
If you have an advertisement about a product, it’s not possible to provide a direct web link to its dedicated page on the web because the URL (web link) will be too long, no chance the customer will remember it.
QR code is solving this problem.

QR code can be

  • GPS position
  • visit card
  • web link
  • free text

With QR codes, customers can have direct link to

  • a product description
  • an event details
  • a company web site
  • an online newsletter
  • a contact full address
  • a promotion, a discount, a special offer


You just need to scan the code with your smart phone and a bar code reader application.
In few second you will have a link you can click on, or a new contact in your contact list.


There are bar codes absolutely everywhere. In addition to them you can also have QR code

  • on your visit card
    • a scan and the contact is in your contact list.
  • on door of every shops
    • website of the shop; full address details,  hours
  • on fliers
    • contact information, dedicated web page related to the event or product
  • on printed documents
  • on any products
  • in your email signature


As soon as marketing people will understand the power of QR code, you will see them absolutely everywhere.
Mobile devices with bar code reader are already more than common.

Why isn’t everyone using QR codes?

Printers Can Demonstrate ROI to Clients Using Interactive Marketing


QR Code

Link to this page

QR Code

Info about a club

Free QR Code Generators on the web

Crazy ideas

In a restaurant menu

Every item can have its code so you can have a nice multilingual description online.

On clothes

Instead of several notices everywhere, a single code that link to a detailed description, how to wash it explanations, similar models, tips …

On any devices

The code could lead to the page dedicated to the device with details, warranty, support, comments from the web community…

Estate agency

With the picture of the house or the flat and it’s basic description you can have the GPS position in the QR code and then directly check on Google map where it’s located with schools and shops all around the place.

TV news

While the nice girl is talking a code is shown in a corner, a scan and you have the details of the news with related articles photos and videos.

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Extraire des morceaux d’un DVD

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Comment extraires seulement certains passages d’un DVD ?
J’ai enfin trouvé une solution simple et efficace.

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Marre du Nationalisme / Régionalisme !

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Pauvres humains égocentrique, égoïste, nationaliste ou régionaliste …
Juste un petit rappel à tous ceux qui nous gavent avec la France ou l’Alsace d’abord…

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(re)Bondir de Peur

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C’était il y a bien longtemps …
Ce n’est pas vraiment du saut à l’élastique …
Il ne faut pas faire ce genre de chose quand … on a la vessie pleine 😀
Par contre, on peu gueuler autant qu’on veut !

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Plongée en eaux Bouillantes

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J’ai passé mon premier niveau de plongée aux Caraïbes à Bouillante, Guadeloupe, avec l’UCPA.
Voici des extraits d’une de mes plongées, j’ai eu la chance de côtoyer une tortue.

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Body Flying

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Grâce à ma compagnie j’ai eu le plaisir de faire du Body Flying, de la chute libre dans un simulateur.

Un simulateur de chute libre est une soufflerie verticale géante capable de faire voler des personnes à l’aide d’une hélice à 5 pales. Cette hélice crée une vitesse de 200 kilomètres à l’heure.
Aucune expérience préalable n’est requise pour voler dans la soufflerie.


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Sauvegarder ses DVD sur son HDD

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Les DVD ne sont pas éternels, et ils sont fragiles.
De plus le support en lui même est contraignant surtout si vous devez en manipuler beaucoup et souvent.

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Rounded corners without pictures

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There are many ways to build styled boxes with nice rounded corners.
The classical method is to use background pictures in <table> or <div> but it’s also possible to create this rounded effect without any picture.

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Thousand Separator in JavaScript

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How to render such a number -9,521,654.35 in JavaScript ?

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